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Tea-totally unacceptable

Last month, hundreds of you badgered Typhoo, asking them to become an entirely Fairtrade brand. We know that Fairtrade is the only system that independently guarantees farmers a fair price for their products, whilst also helping communities to develop in a sustainable way. Big tea companies like Typhoo have the power to improve the lives of thousands of tea farmers all around the world, by investing in the local communities in which they work.

So SuperBadger wasn’t very happy when he received a reply from Typhoo a few weeks ago that suggested that Typhoo weren’t too keen on switching to being a Fairtrade brand any time soon. SuperBadger was particularly concerned that the reply stated that:

“we [Typhoo] also believe that our customers should be allowed the opportunity to freely choose between Fair-trade accredited products and standard products, which is why we offer both.”

As a number of SuperBadger’s friends have said on the discussion board, who would prefer to buy a product that has been produced in unacceptable and unjust conditions, when there is a Fairtrade alternative available?

Whilst SuperBadger welcomes Typhoo’s commitment to double the number of Fairtrade products sold over the next year, it’s a shame that they haven’t committed to working with Fairtrade to ensure that all their products are Fairtrade accredited. Rather than working within their own certification rules, why don’t Typhoo commit to working to achieve full Fairtrade-accreditation on all their products, accreditation that is recognised and respected world-wide, and helps thousands of people out of poverty.

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Here is the full response from Typhoo:


Dear Customer

I am writing with regards to your recent correspondence requesting that Typhoo become a Fair-trade labelled tea. We fully understand your concerns and would like to highlight that, whilst Typhoo wholeheartedly support the Fair-trade movement and would endorse any initiatives that ensure that tea workers situations are improved, we actually operate differently from all of our competitors in how we source tea.

At Typhoo tea, we are committed to ensuring that we trade fairly with all the tea estates that we buy tea from. We are uniquely placed in the Tea industry and demonstrate our commitment through trading fairly with tea estates in two ways; firstly to support the Fair-trade foundation by using Fair-trade tea with our Ridgways brand; secondly to use our Typhoo certification scheme to monitor the tea gardens we buy from are continuously improving fair labour standards (measured against the ETI base code), health & safety, quality and food safety, and sustainable environmental practices.

An example of how our certification scheme works is in the Makandi estate in Malawi where we have worked closely with the estate to deliver significant benefits including the introduction of terms and conditions for workers, greater wage transparency, improvements to housing, sanitation and access to water, as well as a focus on the elimination of discrimination against women and illegal disciplinary practices.

Over the next 12 months we intend to double the number of Fair-trade products we sell, clearly demonstrating our commitment to the Fair-trade organisation for the long term. However, we also believe that our customers should be allowed the opportunity to freely choose between Fair-trade accredited products and standard products, which is why we offer both.

In addition to this, you have probably noticed recently on our packs that we are working very closely with the Federation of Disability Sport. We have developed a Typhoo Sports for All programme with them that provides community sports coaches with a qualification giving them the skills necessary to included disabled people in their coaching sessions. So far we have trained 1000 coaches across the whole of the UK which has given thousands of disabled people the opportunity to take part in the sports and games they love. So, you can see, that not only do we work closely with tea plantation workers around the globe; we carry out some very worthwhile activities closer to home too.


Don’t be Krafty – Keep it Fairtrade

Chocolate lovers, unite!

Remember back in the summer when Cadbury announced that our old favourite, the Dairy Milk bar, would become Fairtrade accredited, a move that would improve the lives of tens of thousands of Ghanaian cocoa farmers and their families? I don’t know about you, but SuperBadger was very excited, and more than a little peckish.

We even badgered the CEO of Cadbury, Todd Stitzer, thanking him, and asking him to ensure that other Cadbury products became Fairtrade accredited. 

Knowing that Dairy Milk is now Fairtrade just makes it taste that much sweeter, doesn’t it?

Cadbury is now being taken over by Kraft, and we’re badgering the CEO of Kraft, Irene Rosenfeld, asking her to promise they won’t go back on Cadbury’s Fairtrade commitments. When Todd Stitzer announced the move to Fairtrade last summer, he also said they’d convert the group’s other chocolate brands to Fairtrade ‘as soon as we can do it’. Cadbury also promised that the move would ‘quadruple Fairtrade cocoa sales from Ghana.’

SuperBadger welcomes the announcement that Kraft ‘expect to honour Cadbury’s commitments to…Fairtrade’. Now that Kraft is taking over Cadbury, he really hopes that Kraft don’t go back on this pledge. Don’t forget – it is the only system that independently guarantees farmers a fair price for their products, whilst also helping communities to develop in a sustainable way.

SuperBadger is hoping to get a firm commitment from Kraft that the Dairy Milk brand will continue to be made from Fairtrade cocoa and sugar, and that Cadbury’s agreements with the Fairtrade Foundation will not be put in jeopardy by the take-over.

Photo: Telegraph

Badger Kraft CEO, Irene Rosenfeld, to keep Cadbury’s commitments to fairly traded products!

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Thank you Green & Black’s!

Now we can’t take credit for it, there was no badgering involved, but SuperBadger just wanted to say that he’s very proud of and grateful to Green and Black’s for today announcing that by the end of 2011, their ENTIRE RANGE, both food and beverage, will be Fairtrade-certified.


 Let’s hope that this will have a strong knock-on effect and that other major chocolate suppliers recognise that paying those who produce the ingredients for their products a good and fair wage should not be optional!

Badger Finally Allowed to Eat Kats

Until now, Superbadger has outright refused to eat any chocolate that wasn’t fairly traded. He would casually skip by the supermarket chocolate aisle without blinking a badger eyelid.

Luckily for him, his favourite four-fingered feast, Kit Kat, has just gone Fairtrade!

Badger can't wait to get his paws on this one

Tearfund is very excited about the recent announcement that Nestle Kit Kat has made this move. The change to Fairtrade is a breakthrough for cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), as well as for Kit Kat lovers in the UK and Ireland.

Through the SuperBadger campaigning application on facebook, Tearfund supporters have been badgering Nestle since this summer to make their chocolate Fairtrade. This is a huge win. We eat 47 Kit Kats per second, making it the UK’s best selling chocolate biscuit. (Imagine how many Superbadger could put away now!)

The move by Nestlé, which will kick off in mid-January 2010 when the first certified Kit Kat four-finger bars arrive on shop shelves, is benefitting thousands of farmers in Côte d’Ivoire who are growing the beans now.  As well as the Fairtrade price for the cocoa, farmers’ organisations receive additional Fairtrade premium payments to invest in long-term community and business development projects of their own choice, such as education and healthcare, the environment or their businesses. 

For more information, go to the Fairtrade Foundation.

Let’s thank Nestlé for giving cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire a break and going Fairtrade.

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