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Jack Bauer special “24 – the Energy Bill”

24 is a truly awesome series, and if I’m honest that’s where I’ve been for the last few months…watching Jack Bauer’s exploits as he saves LA, CTU, the world from nuclear and biological attacks.

Really it’s been great…but now that I’m back in the real world there’s actually a real 24 moment happening TODAY, and we don’t need Jack Bauer…we need YOU.

The Energy Bill is having a second debate tomorrow and there’s an amendment that we’re pushing to get attached so that the energy efficiency programme in the bill delivers cuts in carbon emissions and tackles fuel poverty.

Over 580 MPs have been emailed but your’s may not have been, please email them ahead of tomorrows debate asking them to support the ammendment which will help facilitate the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy while providing a boost to the economy, new jobs, improved energy security and reducing fuel poverty.

Email your MP by clicking here


12 days of Badgers

Today is due to be Royal Mail’s busiest day of the year, handling and delivering cards, parcels and presents across the country in time for Christmas.

Today I’m also getting into the sending mood and I’m launching 12 days of Christmas Badgers over on and on iPhone.  Starting today, right up to Christmas Eve, I’m giving you daily actions to ensure that we remember poor people around the world in the midst of our festivities.  Together we’ll be badgering Topshop, government ministers, holiday operators and many others and there will be Christmas presents along the way.

So to start this festive feast, we’re giving David Cameron an opportunity to take a step forward in fulfilling his promise to make this the “greenest government ever!”

Last week the Climate Change Committee advised the Government on to cut the UK’s emissions by 60% by 2030 (compared to 1990).  Whilst in opposition the Conservatives said they would accept the committee’s recommendations, now, as Prime Minister, David Cameron can ensure that the government IS the greenest ever.

Thank you my friends – head over to or boot up the SuperBadger iPhone app free from the AppStore now.


Putting the ‘CAN’ in Cancun

For the next two weeks I’m in Cancun with my Tearfund friends and our partners from Brazil, Honduras, Malawi, Zambia, Nepal and Mexico.

We’re here following the UN climate talks and we’ll be working hard to push countries to make progress on tackling climate change and its impacts on poor people.

This year its all about the sun hats which badger is pleased about after the chill in Copenhagen last year! And it wasn’t just the weather that left a chill in the air in Copenhagen, the negotiations ended in disappointment as countries failed to agree the FAB (fair, ambitious and binding) deal needed.

So we want countries to put the ‘can’ in Cancun this year. Going in with a positive ‘can do’ attitude could make all the difference.

You can follow my blogging and Tweeting on Tearfund’s website.

Give Cameron a call…

Hello my friends,

I’ve been working away on a new little project with my friends over at iPadio.

We’ve developed an audio petition where you can leave a voicemail for David Cameron, explaining why you’re passionate about climate change and what action you’d like to see him take.

Mr Cameron has said that he wants this to be the “greenest government ever” and there are a number of opportunities for him to show his mettle over the coming months.  Internationally there are the climate talks in Cancun and closer to home there’s a bill making its way through the Parliament that looks at the efficiencies of homes in the UK – the government can show great leadership in both of these opportunities.

Check out the David Cameron petition by clicking here.

Campaign Win: Obiang prize SUSPENDED

Over the past 6 months my loyal Superbadger followers using my app on Facebook and iPhone have sent over 1500 emails to different UN employees.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) created a prize for “scientific achievements” sponsored to the tune of $3million (£2million) by Teodoro Obiang, President of Equatorial Guinea.  Obiang has been accused of rigging elections, rights abuses and corruption by several human rights groups who have called for UNESCO to end their association with him.

Some of these emails went to the UNESCO board director, others to Executive Board members and they, alongside other campaigning organisations, have had an impact.


This follows a postponement of the prize in June; my friends we should be greatly encouraged.

Thank you to all who took action, your voices were heard and have shown President Obiang and the world that we will not sit idly by in the face of corruption and poor governance.

If you would like to join the ranks of Superbadger users visit or download Superbadger from iPhone’s AppStore.

Lords’ love for Carbon Fast

I was busy reading the Hansard scripts of the House of Lords in bed last night and I came across some news about Tearfund’s Carbon Fast and the Church’s role in society for cutting the UK’s emissions.

Asked By The Lord Bishop of Liverpool
To ask Her Majesty’s Government what proposals they will table at the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun.

20 Oct 2010 : Column 824
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change (Lord Marland): My Lords, the Government are committed to working for an ambitious global deal to tackle climate change. At Cancun, we want to see substantive progress made on a politically balanced package of decisions that help to re-establish momentum towards that goal.

The Lord Bishop of Liverpool: I thank the Minister for that encouraging Answer. At Copenhagen there was an international agreement to set up a fund to assist the developing countries to mitigate and adapt to the changing climate. Can the Minister confirm that Her Majesty’s Government will honour that commitment? If so, will they at Cancun encourage other nations not to renege on their commitments?

Lord Marland: I thank the right reverend Prelate for his question. I also thank him for the work that he has done with the Tearfund and Carbon Fast, and for the leadership that the Church of England has shown with Shrinking the Footprint, which will produce a 42 per cent reduction in its carbon emissions by 2020. The leadership by all Churches is very important to this subject. I am rather delaying the great opportunity that the right reverend Prelate has given me: to be able to announce that the pledge made by the Labour Government to fast start finance of £1.5 billion between 2010 and 2013 is, I am happy to say, now a reality.

I think that’s pretty exciting…the Church has an opportunity to speak out on behalf of poor people around the world who are already being affected by the impacts of climate change and can speak into our carbon hungry lifestyles .

Carbon Fast is an initiative organised by Tearfund to help Christians to give up carbon during Lent.  Running again between 9 March and 23 April 2011 Carbon Fast aims to help lighten our global neighbours’ load and care for God’s creation with a carbon detox.

For more information visit

Comprehensive Spending Review Response

Today saw George Osborne set out exactly where, when and how the Coalition Government will reduce the budget deficit.

Among the many and various cuts Tearfund is pleased that the Government has listened to us and our supporters who have campaigned and prayed for the UK to maintain its commitment to increase investment to tackle global poverty.

This is clearly a moral obligation, especially at this time of global economic hardship, and we hope that the rest of the world will follow the UK’s lead.

In particular Tearfund is pleased that the Department for International Development (DfID) will lead the drive to tackle global poverty and will continue to be responsible for the majority of Overseas Development Assistance (ODA). We hope that the increased money for development will be spent effectively on issues like water and sanitation, HIV and giving people in developing countries an opportunity to participate in the decisions which affect them. We recognise that there is a particular challenge to support development in conflict-affected states but urge DfID not to forget those living in extreme poverty in other more peaceful parts of the world.

Climate change is already having devastating effects in some of the poorest parts of the world, and we welcome the UK’s drive to support low carbon growth and adaptation. If we do not take urgent action by committing additional long-term funding to help countries adapt to the effects of climate change, we could see vast areas of the world become uninhabitable within our lifetimes. The international development money committed through the Comprehensive Spending Review for tackling poverty is welcome but we must also find further funds to tackle climate change. The Government must now press for agreement on innovative sources like a Robin Hood Tax to raise more than $100bn internationally by 2020, in addition to overseas aid, for tackling climate change.

Following the Comprehensive Spending Review Tearfund is asking you to write to David Cameron through the Superbadger app, thanking him for protecting the aid budget and calling on George Osborne to not give up on finding long-term funding for climate change.

Click here to take action.