Monthly Archives: May 2011

Jack Bauer special “24 – the Energy Bill”

24 is a truly awesome series, and if I’m honest that’s where I’ve been for the last few months…watching Jack Bauer’s exploits as he saves LA, CTU, the world from nuclear and biological attacks.

Really it’s been great…but now that I’m back in the real world there’s actually a real 24 moment happening TODAY, and we don’t need Jack Bauer…we need YOU.

The Energy Bill is having a second debate tomorrow and there’s an amendment that we’re pushing to get attached so that the energy efficiency programme in the bill delivers cuts in carbon emissions and tackles fuel poverty.

Over 580 MPs have been emailed but your’s may not have been, please email them ahead of tomorrows debate asking them to support the ammendment which will help facilitate the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy while providing a boost to the economy, new jobs, improved energy security and reducing fuel poverty.

Email your MP by clicking here