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Haiti’s Debt is a WIPEOUT!

Big news badgers!

You may remember back in January when Superbadger and team were lobbying the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other organisations to ‘Tear up the IOU’ for Haiti and cancel the $1.25 billion debt the country then owed. Since then, every single creditor has cancelled these debts. All except the IMF.

A recent Superbadger action called for the IMF UK director Alex Gibbs to do the right thing and announce the cancellation of any remaining debt the country owed, a figure over $250 million, which would make a huge difference to a country still recovering and rebuilding after such a devastating disaster.  Over 370 Superbadger users sent Mr Gibbs an email.

Et voila! Mr Gibbs didn’t let us down!

On July 21st, the IMF announced the cancellation of ALL of Haiti’s debt to it.

This is great news for Haiti! It comes just after the six-month anniversary of the earthquake in January that ripped through the capital and destroyed so many homes and lives.

Massive thanks to the IMF for doing the right thing and thanks to the 370+ badgerers who took action!

Find out about what Tearfund is doing to help Haiti, and how you can make an impact, by going to

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