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Please, Todd Stitzer, can I have some more?

Hi Badgers,

 Have you tried the new Fairtrade Dairy Milk bar yet? Somehow it tastes even better, knowing each bite improves the livelihoods of cocoa farmers, their families and their villages.

But with chocolate, a little is never enough. We’re grateful that Cadbury has committed Dairy Milk and the hot chocolate range to go Fairtrade, but we’re feeling greedy for more. I mean, why stop now? What about Bourneville? Wispa? Crunchie?!

Please badger Cadbury CEO Todd Stitzer to let him know you’ve got a Fairtrade craving and ask when Cadbury plans to certify the rest of their products as Fairtrade?



On the Fairtrade front, we’ve got almost 1,000 badger actions to the BBC so far, asking them to reconsider Mr Alagiah’s forced resignation from the Fairtrade Foundation and allow him to continue acting as Patron. If you haven’t taken this action, it’s not too late.

To help spread the word, please remember to:

  • Donate your status to SuperBadger
  • Allow SuperBadger to publish your Badger actions to your friends. Earn points if friends click ‘badger too!’ and add the app.
  • Be a good friend. Earn 10 points by being friends with Che Guebadger.

 Happy badgering!



Play the ‘Lob a Loo Roll’ Game…you know you want to.

Does what it says on the tin!

Loo roll


Loo screen grab


SuperBadger Says Enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out the Make Life Flow campaign!

SuperBadger Success! Government responds to coal campaigning

Last year more than 6,000 Tearfund supporters signed postcards, letters and SuperBadger actions calling for the UK government to say no to new unabated coal-fired power stations.

Coal-fired power stations are the dirtiest form of energy production.

Ensuring no new power stations are built without technology to capture and store the emissions is vital in the fight to tackle climate change.

The actions were delivered to Ed Miliband, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. His response is below.

Tearfund welcomes the Secretary of State’s response as a clear step forward in reducing the UK’s emissions.

However, carbon capture and storage remains an unproven technology at anything like the scale needed. We simply can’t say with confidence that this is going to work.

Whilst this is welcome progress, it is vital that the government goes further by pushing for greater energy efficiency and renewable energy rather than a continuing reliance on coal.

Take action and pray for the UK government to work for a strong and fair deal on climate change here.


Ed Miliband’s response to coal actions  


Dear friends

 I wanted to write to say thank you.

 Over the last year, groups like Tearfund changed the politics of coal, and made change possible.

 6,000 of you wrote in to oppose coal without carbon capture and storage. In April, I could announce new proposals to say no new coal without CCS, and an early commitment to retrofit so we don’t get high-carbon lock-in. They are the toughest coal conditions of any country in the world, something we can be justly proud of, and it couldn’t have happened without you.

 Now we have a new challenge, bigger and more difficult than coal: the global deal. It’s a make-or-break time for the planet, and if it is left to politicians alone, or if it is left until 3am on the last night in December, we won’t succeed. I need your help now. 

I’ve published our manifesto for the negotiations – our argument for a global deal. We’re sending 20,000 copies to schools and other public institutions around the country.

 I hope you’ll join the debate, have a look at our proposals, and make the case for a global deal that matches the science.

 Best wishes
Ed Miliband

 Cheers, Ed!

Latest Badger Appeal:”Badger the Swedish Prime Minister to Europe back on climate track”



Sweden has given the world so many things – Abba, Volvo and Billy Bookcase to name a few. But when the pressure’s on can Sweden provide the bold leadership necessary to get the climate talks back on track by December?

Achieving a strong and fair global deal on climate change is crucial to the world’s poorest people already affected by climate change. Current discussions are off track as developed countries fail to keep commitments and hesitate to make the first move.

The Swedish Presidency of the EU has a historic opportunity to show bold leadership and get stalled talks back on track. An EU roadmap to success in Copenhagen is urgently needed to keep discussions on the right path.

Ask him to:

  1. Ensure that EU positions on public finance to support developing countries reduce emissions and adapt to climate change are announced well in advance of Copenhagen.
  2. Strongly urge EU countries and other developed countries to raise their ambition on targets to reduce emissions to levels consistent with keeping global average temperature rise as far below two degrees Celsius as possible. 
  3. Ensure that the EU is demonstrating leadership through the important international summits this autumn.

Badger Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt to boldly use Sweden’s EU Presidency to get things back on track.

Click here to badger the Swedes and many others!

SuperBadger now has it’s very own blog, it’s terribly exciting.

SuperBadger is sett for justice and ready to change the world…but he needs your help.

Fight global poverty by making your voice heard!

With SuperBadger you can send prewritten emails straight from your Facebook profile to the people making the decisions – whether it is badgering politicians about climate change or badgering supermarkets to stock more Fairtrade products. The best part is, it works! Since SuperBadger began just a year ago, badgers have sent over 150,000 messages to governments and organisations, and have successffully managed to get companies like Thorntons and Cadury’s to go Fairtrade! It really is possible to make a difference.


We need you to start badgering now!

Go to for more information. Or see the SuperBadger Twitter feed here.