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Don’t forget to pack your can(cun) do attitude!

Hopefully, Chris Huhne will bring some 'energy' to the summit

As Superbadger has been blogging about for the past week, we’re all hoping for lots of progress here in Cancun at the COP16 climate summit– especially in the crucial area of climate finance to help developing countries adapt to climate change and develop sustainably. This is a hot topic during these next few weeks.

There’s a real danger following the disappointing climate talks in Copenhagen last year that this year’s talks will get stuck, locked or fail. To prevent this, all countries must go to the talks with a ‘can do’ attitude and that includes the UK.

Chris Huhne the UK Climate Secretary will soon be travelling to Cancun to lead the UK delegation. So we thought we might help him out with a check list for his suitcase:

Must remember to bring:

  • Ambition
  • Positivity
  • Decisiveness
  • Political will
  • Innovative ideas
  • Toothbrush
  • Umbrella AND sun tan lotion


Rich nations must take action first because they’re most responsible. So Huhne must take a lead to ensure a new fund is created to help poor countries deal with climate change, and make progress on agreeing new sources for climate finance to fill the fund.

Please badger the Climate Secretary Chris Huhne to push for climate finance progress from rich nations in Cancun!


Campaign Win: Obiang prize SUSPENDED

Over the past 6 months my loyal Superbadger followers using my app on Facebook and iPhone have sent over 1500 emails to different UN employees.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) created a prize for “scientific achievements” sponsored to the tune of $3million (£2million) by Teodoro Obiang, President of Equatorial Guinea.  Obiang has been accused of rigging elections, rights abuses and corruption by several human rights groups who have called for UNESCO to end their association with him.

Some of these emails went to the UNESCO board director, others to Executive Board members and they, alongside other campaigning organisations, have had an impact.


This follows a postponement of the prize in June; my friends we should be greatly encouraged.

Thank you to all who took action, your voices were heard and have shown President Obiang and the world that we will not sit idly by in the face of corruption and poor governance.

If you would like to join the ranks of Superbadger users visit http://bit.ly/bxKS7s or download Superbadger from iPhone’s AppStore.


At the start of the summer we badgered the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) to stop them from awarding a prize funded by the corrupt dictator Teodoro Obiang, President of Equatorial Guinea.  Over 600 emails were sent challenging the ethics of this prize and UNESCO postponed the award (previous blog post).  Now there is a chance to cancel this prize completely.

The United States have put forward a resolution calling for the withdrawal of this lavish prize at the executive board meeting that is happening right now.

I have two badgers ready and waiting for you at  http://apps.facebook.com/superbadger one is to the US representative, David Kellion, encouraging him to stand strong and speak out against corruption, the other to the Ghanaian representative, Naana Opoku-Agyemang,

who has spoken out historically about slavery and human rights issues, but supports this prize.
Please take action now by clicking http://apps.facebook.com/superbadger and let’s give Obiang the UNESC-heaveho for good.

Could UNESC-UH-OH become UNESC-Woo-Hoo?

Stop Press: Success!

Last month, you let the UN know that you thought it was out of order that they were funding an award recognising work that improves the quality of human life, that was being funded by a man who presides over an appalling record of human rights violations and corruption.

Hundreds of you badgered the Director General of UNESCO, the United Nations’ arm for education, science and culture, to stop honouring a corrupt dictator and to demonstrate that it won’t endorse corruption or dictatorship by cancelling the prize.

Today we’ve heard that, thanks to the concerns raised by you and countless others, UNESCO have announced that they are to delay awarding the prize, funded by and named after Equatorial Guinea’s longtime dictator, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

This is really encouraging news and SuperBadger is delighted that our voices have been listened to. But he wants to make sure that the awarding of the prize is not only postponed until October, but that it is stopped all together.

Take a few minutes to get involved and let UNESCO know that they must cancel the prize altogether. Head over to http://apps.facebook.com/superbadger to take action and send a message that the UN should not be honouring a leader who has neglected his country.

For a bit more information about the prize, take a look at the news article below:
UNESCO delays awarding contested prize


Normally, awarding a prize of $3 million to reward people for research and work that improves the quality of human life would be heralded as a great thing. However, the prize that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) is supporting isn’t drawing the plaudits you might expect it to.

That’s because it is funded by the director of the oil-rich West African country of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang, who presides over an appalling record of human rights violations and corruption.

Equatorial Guinea has seen rising economic prosperity due to growing oil revenues. However, an increase in government revenue hasn’t led to a similar rise in living standards. This is due in large part to the corruption taking place in the country – a fact reflected in Equatorial Guinea’s position (168th out of 180) in the corruption index.

The actions of Teodoro Obiang contradict and seriously undermine what UNESCO stands for, and the good work that it is doing all over the world. Continued support of this prize also sends the wrong message to leaders in a similar position to Obiang, suggesting that they can get away with poor records in their countries if they support such initiatives

This is a really important opportunity to make a stand against corruption, human rights violations and the dictators who allow them to happen. Badger the Director of UNESCO to cancel the prize, and ensure that in the future, award donations are given the proper scrutiny needed.

As always, you can check out the latest badger actions by visiting http://apps.facebook.com/superbadger – Happy Badgering!

Take notes, Mr International Development Secretary

Badger Douglas Alexander to make sure the climate deal at Copenhagen really works for poor people!
The International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander is going to be at the UN Climate talks on Monday. In a letter to Tearfund he says ‘…getting the right global deal on carbon and climate finance, could be more vital to tackling global poverty than even the Gleneagles summit of 2005’.

Badger him now to make sure he knows what ‘the right global deal on climate finance’ looks like and that he does everything possible to get the EU to commit to it.

Though, I'm sure it would be difficult to get any work done with a badger on your head.

There’s lots of recycling going on at the climate talks in Copenhagen but it’s not the sort of recycling that helps us in the fight against climate change. It’s a recycling of aid money as climate financing and its bad news for those most affected by climate change, poor people.

We need to send a clear message to rich countries that aid money and climate financing are not the same thing. Poor countries, experiencing the additional burdens and costs of climate change impacts, need additional funds to cope with them.

Similarly, the outcomes of Copenhagen must provide long term climate financing to help poor communities deal with the long term impacts of climate change. Funding commitments that only cover the next few years are not good enough and threaten the future of millions.

As Mr Alexander heads for the UN climate talks in Copenhagen let’s remind him exactly what a good deal on climate financing looks like for poor people. Go to http://apps.facebook.com/superbadger/ to make a difference!

Superbadger will be standing by on Monday!

Go, Badger, go.

Superbadger’s First 24 hours in Copenhagen

After months of badgering, praying and ‘Waving’  the UN Climate talks are well and truly underway! Superbadger has dutifully queued for a couple of hours to receive a pass for the conference and, camera in hand, has done a quick tour of the conference to see what there is to see…

First up is a wall of screens on the way to the main meeting rooms called ‘The UN Climate Wall’. Here the UN are promising to post messages from people around the world. Mmmm… they aren’t saying much so far…

What would your message to world leaders be?

Just along the corridor is a hive of activity. There are people and laptops everywhere.  And every half an hour or so, noise erupts from groups of campaigners attracting the attention of the media and the negotiators. People are employing all sorts of tactics from dances to aliens to try and make sure the voices of the poorest and most vulnerable are heard and heeded here.

Yes, that is an enormous tree growing inside the building!

 In fact, it’s so noisy here that this delegate has had to resort to putting his laptop on his head to be heard as he skypes.

It's important to be heard (one way or another)

Superbadger hopes that all this activity is going to make sure we get a FAB (fair, ambitious and binding deal) at Copenhagen.  But simply showing up isn’t enough. We need leaders and decision makers here who have the mandate to agree the deal, not just vent hot air.

Peace : )