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Latest Badger Appeal:”Badger the Swedish Prime Minister to Europe back on climate track”



Sweden has given the world so many things – Abba, Volvo and Billy Bookcase to name a few. But when the pressure’s on can Sweden provide the bold leadership necessary to get the climate talks back on track by December?

Achieving a strong and fair global deal on climate change is crucial to the world’s poorest people already affected by climate change. Current discussions are off track as developed countries fail to keep commitments and hesitate to make the first move.

The Swedish Presidency of the EU has a historic opportunity to show bold leadership and get stalled talks back on track. An EU roadmap to success in Copenhagen is urgently needed to keep discussions on the right path.

Ask him to:

  1. Ensure that EU positions on public finance to support developing countries reduce emissions and adapt to climate change are announced well in advance of Copenhagen.
  2. Strongly urge EU countries and other developed countries to raise their ambition on targets to reduce emissions to levels consistent with keeping global average temperature rise as far below two degrees Celsius as possible. 
  3. Ensure that the EU is demonstrating leadership through the important international summits this autumn.

Badger Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt to boldly use Sweden’s EU Presidency to get things back on track.

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