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Mr Badger Goes To Westminster

Well today was a very exciting day! SuperBadger and some of his Tearfund colleagues spent their lunchtime outside one of the most famous doors in the world – 10 Downing Street!

Along with Ben, Jay, Helen, Heather, Jack and Sarah, SuperBadger was on a mission to deliver over 10,000 campaign actions to the Prime Minister, asking him to prioritise development and climate change. Thousands of you have taken action to remind the PM that we care about the poor, and that we want our government to show leadership on tackling injustice.

Luckily, the team just about managed to avoid the rain and managed to take some pictures of the hand-in, and even made some short video clips – keep your eyes out for these, coming soon!

Tearfund staff at Number 10

It’s great to be able to take our campaigns direct to the government, and really encouraging to know that key decision makers do see and hear our petitions, and do act on them!

Keep your eyes peeled for new actions coming soon at http://apps.facebook.com/superbadger and, until next time, happy badgering!


Lead the way Prime Minister


Time is ticking.

With just a few days of climate negotiations remaining we need to see much more progress. There’s no time for stalling.

As world leaders knuckle-down in the final stages of the climate talks in Copenhagen, they must show leadership and use their influence to bring climate justice.

This is vital if we’re to get a fair, ambitious and binding deal that protects the poorest and most vulnerable people hit hardest by climate change.

Who better to push for this than world leaders, including our prime minister, Gordon Brown. They have the power to drive the negotiations forward but this requires leadership.

Be our climate leader!

The talks are progressing far too slowly and what’s on the table falls far short of what’s scientifically needed to prevent catastrophic climate change. Prime Minister Gordon Brown must show leadership and political will to seal a climate deal that prevents these impacts.

With the burden of climate change on his shoulders, Gordon Brown must take the lead in Copenhagen to persuade other rich nations to seal a deal that is…

F air     A mbitious      B inding

You know it by now! Campaign for it. It’s so easy.

Badger Gordon to show global leadership in Copenhagen

Lots of Danish love,


Latest Badger Appeal:”Badger the Swedish Prime Minister to Europe back on climate track”



Sweden has given the world so many things – Abba, Volvo and Billy Bookcase to name a few. But when the pressure’s on can Sweden provide the bold leadership necessary to get the climate talks back on track by December?

Achieving a strong and fair global deal on climate change is crucial to the world’s poorest people already affected by climate change. Current discussions are off track as developed countries fail to keep commitments and hesitate to make the first move.

The Swedish Presidency of the EU has a historic opportunity to show bold leadership and get stalled talks back on track. An EU roadmap to success in Copenhagen is urgently needed to keep discussions on the right path.

Ask him to:

  1. Ensure that EU positions on public finance to support developing countries reduce emissions and adapt to climate change are announced well in advance of Copenhagen.
  2. Strongly urge EU countries and other developed countries to raise their ambition on targets to reduce emissions to levels consistent with keeping global average temperature rise as far below two degrees Celsius as possible. 
  3. Ensure that the EU is demonstrating leadership through the important international summits this autumn.

Badger Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt to boldly use Sweden’s EU Presidency to get things back on track.

Click here to badger the Swedes and many others!