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Paws for progress

With only a few days left until the climate talks come to a close, badger thought it was time to paws to update you on progress at the talks…

1. Emissions cuts

What we want:  at least 40 per cent emissions cuts on 1990 levels by 2020.

Progress so far:  almost no progress has been made – targets remain very weak for developed countries. This situation has not been helped by the EU’s failure to make an early move to an at least 30% target – which could have triggered better targets from others (though even these would not be adequate). Currently pledges are only around 8-12% cuts on 1990 levels by 2020, and once some of the sneaky loopholes on counting forests, and selling ‘hot air’ are taken into account these cuts could amount to almost zero. Work goes on to try to strengthen commitments by developed countries, and to close loopholes…

 2. Climate finance to help poor countries adapt to the changing climate and develop sustainably

What we want:  at least £200 billion per year by 2020. This finance must be additional to existing aid commitments.

Progress so far:  Offers from rich countries fall far short of the £200 billion needed by 2020. There is growing support among EU countries for this finance to be additional to aid commitments. The EU has agreed to provide some short term funding (up to 2012) but this money is not new and additional. We need rich nations to champion finance and make offers that are additional to existing aid commitments. If there’s no agreement on long term climate finance there will be no fair deal in Copenhagen.

Superbadger, and many other NGO participants, can’t access the climate talks today. As you’ll see from the photo, he’s found somewhere nice to work with his colleague Emily – look out for not one but two SuperBadger actions today here!