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Car Games for COP Delegates


Given the appalling traffic situation this morning, we thought we might suggest a few car games that the delegates play on their way to the conference centre, since they are obviously not spending their time perfecting their great negotiation positions. Here’s what we came up with:
  • Count the Hybrid – delegates get points for every hybrid car or biodiesel bus they spot – or a punch in the arm, just like the Yellow Car game. Minus points if you see any hummers….
  • I Spy Delegates – I spy a delegate beginning with C…
  • Travel Monopoly – delegates can play monopoly with the lives of the poorest in their strategies for climate change. We dont think this game has a winner though…
  • Acronym bingo – get a full house if LULUCF, NAMAs and NAPAs all get mentioned…

Maybe if the Chinese and the American cars are next to each other they could just wind the windows down and work it out before they get to the conference? Worth a shot.