Superbadger Meets Obama


So they didn’t let me in!!! Why would they not want Superbadger in the room alongside President Obama? What could possibly have gone wrong???

Well – the highlight of the day (so I hear) was the launch of a new plan for improving child and maternal health. Developing and developed countries came together with business-people and generous rich people (philanthropists) to try and save lives. Apparently they aim to save 16 million lives by 2015 and so if they can do that it would be pretty impressive and something to celebrate. The plan is called ‘Every Woman, Every Child’, 35 countries are involved and around $40bn has been pledged over the next 5 years. Superbadger has been trying to work out whether this is all new and additional money but it’s getting late and I’m still not quite sure! Some countries that are decreasing their aid budgets have pledged money to the plan and Superbadger is a bit suspicious – but there are other countries like the UK that are increasing money for development, so the extra for child and maternal health makes a bit more sense. The UK are going to explain how exactly they’re going to spend the money once this big review is over – I’m hoping that some of it will go to water and sanitation, and to HIV, as these are two areas that have a massive impact on the health of mothers and children.

Another good thing is that quite a few African countries have pledged to spend at least 15% of their budgets on health. This was agreed some years ago but only a few countries have met the target – more domestic resources for health can only be a good thing so Superbadger is pretty pleased.

If only we had similar proposals on the other MDGs….


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