Summit Latest

Superbadger is beginning day two of the MDG Summit here in New York, somewhat bleary eyed after not enough sleep. Hopefully world leaders were burning the midnight oil as well last night working hard to improve the summit outcomes that are currently on the table.

Instead of a serious road map to deliver the MDGs over the next 5 years, the Outcome document is pretty weak, a cut and paste job of well meaning platitudes from previous summits. But all is not lost. Formal documents always get watered down through the process of getting 190+ different nations on the same page. The real action ought to take place through world leaders’ speeches and fringe events over the next 24 hours. Here leaders can go further and set out what their countries will do to deliver MDGs over the next 5 years. Keep praying for progress and Superbadger will keep lobbying (and drinking the coffee).


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