The world we want to see

New York is getting ready! I’ve been at a rally this afternoon, hanging out with lots of passionate people who want to see the world change – for ever.

Tearfund and lots of other agencies who work with the world’s poorest people are all in town, ready to make a noise about justice and call world leaders to account on achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

We want to see massive progress towards tackling poverty and injustice by 2015.

We want to see children able to live past their fifth birthday because they have clean water and a safe place to go to the toilet.

We want to see people with HIV, malaria and TB easily able to get the healthcare they need.

We want to see governments recognise that climate change is a major and urgent problem that is affecting poor countries right now. Those countries have done the least to cause it – it’s not them that are emitting carbon by the way they live. It’s us, and it’s our responsibility to help the world adapt to hugely changing climates and the impact it has on farming and on natural disasters.

We want to see the people who are most affected by poverty have the chance to take part in their own country’s development, by each country having its own plan to tackle poverty and an easy way for their own citizens to call them to account.

It’s warm here in New York, and I’m going to get a drink of water. When you have your next drink of water, thank God that you can easily get clean water that is safe to drink. 800 million people can’t.

Take action today by heading over to and let the UK Government know what kind of world you want to see.


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