Bagels for breakfast, but a billion people go to bed hungry

Well, Superbadgers, I have arrived safe and sound in New York with the Tearfund posse.

We’re here to make a noise about global poverty and remind world leaders at the UN this week that we need to get back on track to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Ten years ago, world leaders agreed to some very ambitious targets to reduce world poverty by 2015. I’m excited about some of the progress we’ve made to get clean water to people who need it and to make lifesaving medication available to people with HIV.

But we’re nowhere near meeting those targets, and we need to call world leaders to account and challenge them to come up with the goods.

While we were having our bagels and granola for breakfast this morning – New York stylee – we remembered that a child dies every six seconds due to hunger. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t enjoy good food; just that we shouldn’t be the only ones who do so.

Surely we should live in a fairer world: a world where people don’t die of preventable diseases because they don’t have clean water or somewhere safe to go to the loo; a world where women don’t die in childbirth because there isn’t a trained midwife available; a world where every child has the chance to learn to read and write; a world where HIV, malaria and TB are not death sentences; a world where women are not treated as slaves and where rape is no longer used as a weapon of war.

That’s not too much to ask, is it? Isn’t it the kind of world that would reflect the love, justice and mercy of God?

So that’s what we’re asking for this week. Pray for us as we make a noise about tackling poverty and justice, and being part of a new and better world.


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