Could UNESC-UH-OH become UNESC-Woo-Hoo?

Stop Press: Success!

Last month, you let the UN know that you thought it was out of order that they were funding an award recognising work that improves the quality of human life, that was being funded by a man who presides over an appalling record of human rights violations and corruption.

Hundreds of you badgered the Director General of UNESCO, the United Nations’ arm for education, science and culture, to stop honouring a corrupt dictator and to demonstrate that it won’t endorse corruption or dictatorship by cancelling the prize.

Today we’ve heard that, thanks to the concerns raised by you and countless others, UNESCO have announced that they are to delay awarding the prize, funded by and named after Equatorial Guinea’s longtime dictator, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

This is really encouraging news and SuperBadger is delighted that our voices have been listened to. But he wants to make sure that the awarding of the prize is not only postponed until October, but that it is stopped all together.

Take a few minutes to get involved and let UNESCO know that they must cancel the prize altogether. Head over to to take action and send a message that the UN should not be honouring a leader who has neglected his country.

For a bit more information about the prize, take a look at the news article below:
UNESCO delays awarding contested prize


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