‘Climate data was not manipulated’

This was the verdict that came from The Commons Science and Technology Committee yesterday, Tuesday 29th March. They have been investigating the hacked e-mails of Professor Phil Jones from the University of East Anglia which were then published online just before the Copenhagen climate conference in December 2009. 

Climate sceptics claimed that the e-mails provided proof that scientists at the university’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) were manipulating and hiding data to strengthen scientific evidence of man-made global warming.

Prof Jones has been completely cleared of any wrongdoing or misconduct, and has been urged by a cross-party group of MPs to return to work at the university and resume his role as Director, after stepping down in December.

Prof. Jones at the hearing yesterday (Photo credit: ITN)

Superbadger is very happy to hear that this Climategate scandal is completely unfounded and that the unit’s work has not been discredited. The world’s attention should now return to the real issues of tackling climate change.

Superbadger knows that it is the poorest people that are being hit the hardest by even minor changes in our environment, and prays that now the focus will be on how to fight the problem, not fighting about if it is a problem.

You can find the rest of the BBC News article about the committee’s decision here.

To find out what you can do to help fight climate change, please go to www.tearfund.org/campaigning, or email Superbadger and the Campaigns team at campaigning@tearfund.org


One response to “‘Climate data was not manipulated’

  1. Ahh, a biased political body judging one of their own. I’m convinced. Well, actually…


    It’s funny how you can refuse freedom of information requests, try to get sceptically scientists from publishing data contrary to your stance, and actually LOSE your data, and still be cleared. You must find this odd.

    It is tantamount to Al Gore giving you a pass. Or similar to President Obama’s administrations refusal to prosecute the “new black panthers” for threatening voters at polling places. He who controls the govt sets it’s standards.

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