Carbon Fast Countdown!

Dear Carbon Fast Diary,

We have reached the last week of the Carbon Fast! For almost six weeks now, my Superbadger friends and I have been taking daily actions to reduce our carbon ‘paw prints’ for Carbon Fast 2010! It’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be and guess what…

Carbon Fast has gone global!

The fantastically green Lent idea has swept across the nations, and it has become quite a talking point! Looks like it’s not just churches and individuals in the UK who are taking part this year.

Everyone has been talking about the Carbon Fast!

Superbadger is also excited to hear that our Tearfund counterparts in Australia and The Netherlands are encouraging people and churches to reduce their emissions.

Promoting the Carbon Fast in the Netherlands

Tear Netherlands have even challenged some churches with ‘green graffiti’, where volunteers jet wash pavement graffiti and spell out ‘green’ messages in its place!

In Australia, church groups are doing the Carbon Fast course to think about underlying reasons for acting to tackle climate change.
Superbadger would love to hear UK and international stories about your Carbon Fast journey, and what your church, family or workplace is doing to take part this year.

Send us an email at or comment below!


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