(N)ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s

Many blog readers and SuperBadger fans will have noticed that SuperBadger has something of a sweet tooth. It’s no surprise then that when he heard the news that ALL Ben & Jerry’s ice cream EVERYWHERE will be converted to Fairtrade-certified ingredients by the end of 2013, he was pretty much the happiest badger in the room (Okay, so he’s normally the only badger in the room, but he was still tremendously happy!)

Fairtrade and delicious

Ben & Jerry’s launched their first Fairtrade ice cream back in 2006, and at the moment you can enjoy four Fairtrade-certified flavours, which is great news too!

The press release that made the announcement went on to say that:

‘Ben & Jerry’s Fair Trade commitment means that every ingredient that can be sourced Fair Trade Certified™, now or in the future, is Fair Trade Certified™. Globally, this involves converting up to 121 different chunks and swirls, working across eleven different ingredients such as cocoa, banana, vanilla and other flavorings, fruits, and nuts. It also means working with Fair Trade cooperatives that total a combined membership of over 27,000 farmers.’

SuperBadger couldn’t agree more with company co-founder Jerry Greenfield, who says, ‘Fair Trade is about making sure people get their fair share of the pie. The whole concept of Fair Trade goes to the heart of our values and sense of right and wrong. Nobody wants to buy something that was made by exploiting somebody else.’

So let’s raise a spoon to Ben & Jerry’s and say a big thank you and well done for this exciting announcement that will see thousands more lives improved across the world.


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