Tear up the IOU!

 Superbadger was deeply saddened that his first post of 2010 centres around such a horrific disaster, but action must be taken to help the people of Haiti as much as we possibly can.

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti last week, leaving thousands dead or missing, the situation is still desperate.

As a response to the catastrophe, SuperBadger launched an action urging the Chancellor to do everything he could to get the IMF to cancel Haiti’s debt.

Now we have another opportunity to support the people of Haiti, and call on the IMF to release the country from their crippling debts of $890 million.

Leaders are meeting in Montreal on Monday to decide on the amount of aid that they will give. The international community and the IMF must take action to cancel Haiti’s debt immediately, and work to turn the $100 million loan already announced into a grant.

Please badger Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the IMF, to ask that when leaders meet on Monday, they also cancel Haiti’s IMF debts immediately.

Haiti should not be worrying about debt as families are still digging through rubble. As they face this major disaster, let’s urge IMF to cancel their unfair debt, quickly. The world is standing shoulder to shoulder with Haiti – will the IMF help or hinder?

Badger the IMF to tear up the IOU and cancel the debts!

Find out how Superbadger’s friends are working in Haiti at www.tearfund.org.

To see how else you can help, go to www.tearfund.org/haiti

To help fund disaster relief efforts, please go to www.dec.org.uk. Your money will help provide shelter, food and water for the survivors of the earthquake, and help rescue teams save many more.


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