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Keep up the pressure

With access to the Copenhagen climate talks still severely restricted for civil society, badger decided to visit an alternative summit today.

People from all walks of life have been meeting together at Klimaforum to talk and learn about climate change – and its impacts on people and the planet.

Participants at Klimaforum have been rating each country on their climate action at the talks – it’s clear that developed countries are lagging behind.

This reflects news from the climate talks today. There’s been little progress and many developed countries are blocking key negotiations on emissions cuts and finance.

It is also deeply worrying the civil society is being excluded from the talks.

We can’t let rich countries continue to ignore those already suffering from the devastating impacts of climate change. Please pray and take action for justice in these negotiations.

See Tearfund’s website for the latest prayer requests from Copenhagen.

There are now FOUR Copenhagen SuperBadger actions at

1)       Badger the prime minister to be a global climate leader

2)       Badger UN Climate Secretary to open the door for civil society participation in the climate talks

3)       Badger Ed Miliband, Climate Secretary, to lose the loopholes that threaten to undermine emissions cuts

4)       Badger Jose Manuel Barroso to raise ambition levels in Copenhagen

We’re running out of time to seal a strong and fair deal so please take these actions to keep up the pressure on our leaders.


Lead the way Prime Minister


Time is ticking.

With just a few days of climate negotiations remaining we need to see much more progress. There’s no time for stalling.

As world leaders knuckle-down in the final stages of the climate talks in Copenhagen, they must show leadership and use their influence to bring climate justice.

This is vital if we’re to get a fair, ambitious and binding deal that protects the poorest and most vulnerable people hit hardest by climate change.

Who better to push for this than world leaders, including our prime minister, Gordon Brown. They have the power to drive the negotiations forward but this requires leadership.

Be our climate leader!

The talks are progressing far too slowly and what’s on the table falls far short of what’s scientifically needed to prevent catastrophic climate change. Prime Minister Gordon Brown must show leadership and political will to seal a climate deal that prevents these impacts.

With the burden of climate change on his shoulders, Gordon Brown must take the lead in Copenhagen to persuade other rich nations to seal a deal that is…

F air     A mbitious      B inding

You know it by now! Campaign for it. It’s so easy.

Badger Gordon to show global leadership in Copenhagen

Lots of Danish love,


Paws for progress

With only a few days left until the climate talks come to a close, badger thought it was time to paws to update you on progress at the talks…

1. Emissions cuts

What we want:  at least 40 per cent emissions cuts on 1990 levels by 2020.

Progress so far:  almost no progress has been made – targets remain very weak for developed countries. This situation has not been helped by the EU’s failure to make an early move to an at least 30% target – which could have triggered better targets from others (though even these would not be adequate). Currently pledges are only around 8-12% cuts on 1990 levels by 2020, and once some of the sneaky loopholes on counting forests, and selling ‘hot air’ are taken into account these cuts could amount to almost zero. Work goes on to try to strengthen commitments by developed countries, and to close loopholes…

 2. Climate finance to help poor countries adapt to the changing climate and develop sustainably

What we want:  at least £200 billion per year by 2020. This finance must be additional to existing aid commitments.

Progress so far:  Offers from rich countries fall far short of the £200 billion needed by 2020. There is growing support among EU countries for this finance to be additional to aid commitments. The EU has agreed to provide some short term funding (up to 2012) but this money is not new and additional. We need rich nations to champion finance and make offers that are additional to existing aid commitments. If there’s no agreement on long term climate finance there will be no fair deal in Copenhagen.

Superbadger, and many other NGO participants, can’t access the climate talks today. As you’ll see from the photo, he’s found somewhere nice to work with his colleague Emily – look out for not one but two SuperBadger actions today here!

Close to Midnight – Lose the Loopholes

Ed Miliband said "we are close to midnight" in climate change negotiations Photo: PA

Climate Change Secretary, Ed Milliband, was quoted yesterday as saying, “We’re now getting close to midnight in this negotiation and we need to act like it.”

The arrival of Gordon Brown and other world leaders in Copenhagen from tomorrow signals that the climate talks are heading towards conclusion. They will want to wrap up the negotiations and seal the deal. But, we can’t let them seal a bad deal that locks the world into climate chaos.

Please badger Climate Minister Ed Miliband to use his influence to push world leaders towards a good deal.

Developed countries must to step up their efforts if we’re going to see anything like the fair, ambitious and binding climate deal that’s needed to protect poor people and keep global temperature rise below two degrees.

So far, developed countries’ emissions cuts targets are desperately low – perhaps only 8-12% on 1990 levels by 2020 rather than the at least 40% needed. They must work to close the gap between what’s needed and what’s been offered. And if they don’t tighten up dodgy rules around loopholes then emissions cuts might be wiped out altogether. This would be a catastrophe for poor people.

Poor people are first and worst affected by climate change

Please badger Ed Miliband, Climate Minister, to use his influence to push for a fair, ambitious and binding deal that reflects the science and protects poor people.

Badger him at and make a world of difference.

Don’t forget to follow @Superbadger on Twitter for more updates on Copenhagen Climate Talks and other badger opportunities! Or just to say hello!

Perfect love drives out fear

Sometimes it seems like world leaders do not hear our plea for strong action on climate change. But we know that God listens to our prayers and by his power can do the impossible.


Tearfund’s campaigners joined the 24-7 prayer team in Copenhagen (pictured below). It was amazing to spend the morning together praying for climate justice.

Tearfund campaigners joined 24-7 to pray for the climate talks

The Archbishop of Canterbury has also been in Copenhagen to pray and join the call for a fair and effective deal to be agreed. His message outlining how fear can hinder action on climate change is a challenge to world leaders, negotiators and us all:

‘We are afraid because we don’t know how we can survive without the comforts of our existing lifestyle. We are afraid that new policies will be unpopular with a national electorate. We are afraid that younger and more vigorous economies will take advantage of us – or we are afraid that older, historically dominant economies will use the excuse of ecological responsibility to deny us our proper and just development.’

But we can give thanks to God that his love drives out fear. We hope that this love breaks through into the negotiations to bring about a strong and fair climate deal that protects poor people and creation.

If you’d like to join us in praying for the climate talks click here.

Busy Bella Centre

Judith – one of Tearfund’s campaigners in Copenhagen for the UN climate talks shares her reflections after visiting the conference centre:

“The Bella Conference centre, where the Copenhagen climate talks are taking place, felt a bit like a combination of an international airport plus a recent Baptist Assembly – but was 5-10 times bigger!

It was good to be there after the long queue for registration to meet Tearfund staff in person, and to spend time praying together.

As in the rest of Copenhagen, there were so many symbolic globes, each decorated differently. We stood by the globe in the conference centre to pray. We prayed for the climate talks, for all those tirelessly negotiating to get a deal, and for the poorest and most vulnerable people suffering most from climate change.

On Sunday the Bella centre closed – I hope the delegates are able to rest so that they will be able to agree a strong and fair deal this week that protects poor people.”

Judith and the rest of the campaigners are now on their way home. More updates from badger soon!

Climate justice in Copenhagen?

My name is Zoë, and I am one of the Tearfund campaigners in Copenhagen for the COP15 Climate Summit with SuperBadger.

Marching through the streets of Copenhagen with thousands of people from all over the world, representing hundreds of organisations, all calling for climate justice. It couldn’t get more exciting than that, could it? We are hoping and praying for a fair, ambitious and binding deal which will protect the poorest, as our Tearfund placards say. We marched with two members of Tear Netherlands, met a man from Mission East (a Danish Christian NGO), and also two more people from 24/7 Prayer. We prayed this morning that God would cause us to bump into the right people at the right time, and it certainly happened!

The march today was my second one in a week, as I took part in The Wave last Saturday in London. There were many more bicycles today in Copenhagen, and some very inventive and creative costumes and placards.

We have all enjoyed Danish pastries and the driverless metro trains. The Danish people we have met have been very friendly, hospitable and welcoming.

It is so exciting to be here, where there is the potential for history to be made, if world leaders manage to seal a strong and fair deal.

That’s all for now folks. Keep praying!