Obama – act not talk?

Superbadger is listening and watching but no outcome yet from the Copenhagen climate talks.

Obama's speech at Copenhagen (Photo via Treehugger)

Obama arrived at the negotiations this morning. Badger was disappointed by his speech, not enough action to protect poor people.

Tearfund’s Advocacy Director, Paul Cook, said this in response to Obama’s speech:

‘Obama highlighted the need to ‘act boldly and decisively in the face of a common threat’ and that he came to Copenhagen to act not to talk.

‘Unfortunately he completely contradicted himself  – the US’ actions in terms of figures for action on mitigation and finance, even after yesterday’s announcement, just don’t stack up or equal survival for poor people and the planet. There were no new pledges on targets and a complete failure to acknowledge the fact that the richest and most powerful nations must take responsibility for the climate crisis that they have caused.

‘For the sake of the poorest and most vulnerable people living on the front line of climate change, we sincerely hope world leaders do not squander this opportunity by providing the most vulnerable with nothing more than empty promises.’

Let’s all continue to pray for a better outcome.


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