“Not by doing what we can get away with…”

Increased security. Hours of speeches. Frantic negotiations. This can only mean world leaders have arrived in Copenhagen!

Gordon Brown giving his speech at Copenhagen (Photo via Flickr)

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has delivered his speech at the climate talks. Here’s Tearfund’s reaction:

‘We welcome the Prime Minister’s persistence in pushing for developed countries to ‘address the gaping sorrows of the left out millions in Africa, the torment of our island states, the fear gripping the planet’s most vulnerable communities. Not by doing what we can get away with but by demanding the most of ourselves.’

‘We sincerely hope this high level political will has a domino effect of raised ambition from other developed countries’, said Tearfund’s Director of Advocacy Paul Cook.

With two full negotiating days left the aid agency is urging the EU to go further and play a leadership role and drive industrialised nations’ ambition towards reaching agreement on three key areas: tough emissions reduction targets, generous climate finance (additional to current aid commitments) and securing a legally binding deal by Friday.

‘The sums of money for climate finance and emissions reductions targets being tabled are currently inadequate. The welter of scientific evidence demands far greater political will and we must do everything we can to prevent a crisis of leadership from rich nations. At this stage in the talks whilst the Prime Minister still needs to go further in his targets, his acknowledgement of the urgency is definitely a positive step in the right direction. Cook concluded.’

Superbadger will be listening to see what other world leaders have to say. The targets announced so far are not ambitious enough, rich countries must ramp up their efforts – let’s continue to pray for a F.A.B deal to be agreed.

Take action today at http://apps.facebook.com/superbadger/index.php


One response to ““Not by doing what we can get away with…”

  1. Superbadger is such a great app! It gives me a chance to have a voice in a busy world, where I wouldn’t have time to construct such a thoughtful letter, or the knowledge of who to contact. There is power in numbers… sometimes!

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