Keep up the pressure

With access to the Copenhagen climate talks still severely restricted for civil society, badger decided to visit an alternative summit today.

People from all walks of life have been meeting together at Klimaforum to talk and learn about climate change – and its impacts on people and the planet.

Participants at Klimaforum have been rating each country on their climate action at the talks – it’s clear that developed countries are lagging behind.

This reflects news from the climate talks today. There’s been little progress and many developed countries are blocking key negotiations on emissions cuts and finance.

It is also deeply worrying the civil society is being excluded from the talks.

We can’t let rich countries continue to ignore those already suffering from the devastating impacts of climate change. Please pray and take action for justice in these negotiations.

See Tearfund’s website for the latest prayer requests from Copenhagen.

There are now FOUR Copenhagen SuperBadger actions at

1)       Badger the prime minister to be a global climate leader

2)       Badger UN Climate Secretary to open the door for civil society participation in the climate talks

3)       Badger Ed Miliband, Climate Secretary, to lose the loopholes that threaten to undermine emissions cuts

4)       Badger Jose Manuel Barroso to raise ambition levels in Copenhagen

We’re running out of time to seal a strong and fair deal so please take these actions to keep up the pressure on our leaders.


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