Perfect love drives out fear

Sometimes it seems like world leaders do not hear our plea for strong action on climate change. But we know that God listens to our prayers and by his power can do the impossible.


Tearfund’s campaigners joined the 24-7 prayer team in Copenhagen (pictured below). It was amazing to spend the morning together praying for climate justice.

Tearfund campaigners joined 24-7 to pray for the climate talks

The Archbishop of Canterbury has also been in Copenhagen to pray and join the call for a fair and effective deal to be agreed. His message outlining how fear can hinder action on climate change is a challenge to world leaders, negotiators and us all:

‘We are afraid because we don’t know how we can survive without the comforts of our existing lifestyle. We are afraid that new policies will be unpopular with a national electorate. We are afraid that younger and more vigorous economies will take advantage of us – or we are afraid that older, historically dominant economies will use the excuse of ecological responsibility to deny us our proper and just development.’

But we can give thanks to God that his love drives out fear. We hope that this love breaks through into the negotiations to bring about a strong and fair climate deal that protects poor people and creation.

If you’d like to join us in praying for the climate talks click here.


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