Close to Midnight – Lose the Loopholes

Ed Miliband said "we are close to midnight" in climate change negotiations Photo: PA

Climate Change Secretary, Ed Milliband, was quoted yesterday as saying, “We’re now getting close to midnight in this negotiation and we need to act like it.”

The arrival of Gordon Brown and other world leaders in Copenhagen from tomorrow signals that the climate talks are heading towards conclusion. They will want to wrap up the negotiations and seal the deal. But, we can’t let them seal a bad deal that locks the world into climate chaos.

Please badger Climate Minister Ed Miliband to use his influence to push world leaders towards a good deal.

Developed countries must to step up their efforts if we’re going to see anything like the fair, ambitious and binding climate deal that’s needed to protect poor people and keep global temperature rise below two degrees.

So far, developed countries’ emissions cuts targets are desperately low – perhaps only 8-12% on 1990 levels by 2020 rather than the at least 40% needed. They must work to close the gap between what’s needed and what’s been offered. And if they don’t tighten up dodgy rules around loopholes then emissions cuts might be wiped out altogether. This would be a catastrophe for poor people.

Poor people are first and worst affected by climate change

Please badger Ed Miliband, Climate Minister, to use his influence to push for a fair, ambitious and binding deal that reflects the science and protects poor people.

Badger him at and make a world of difference.

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