Dear EU, Stop playing up and start stepping up!

The hallowed halls of the Bella Centre, Copenhagen see all kinds of goings on. Perhaps one of the most loved (or feared if you find yourself on the receieving end of it) is the ‘Fossil of the Day’ award. This is awarded daily by civil society  to the country or group  who have done the most to frustrate or derail the climate talks here. 

Yesterday saw the EU awarded 3rd place for failing to announce a more ambitious emissions reduction target, failing to put money on the table for long-term finance and announcing a load of short-term climate financing that is largely repackaged aid money.

The EU's flag and Fossil of the Day award, all together now 'boo...'

Canada receive 2nd and 1st place for several reasonds including its spectacular claim that it’s emissions reduction target of -3% was in fact based on the science! The IPCC calls for emissions reductions of 25%-40%.

Superbadger is outraged by these lacklustre performances. He felt compelled to point out to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso a couple of things that he could do that would help to right the EU’s wrongs. Please badger him now!


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