Climate justice in Copenhagen?

My name is Zoë, and I am one of the Tearfund campaigners in Copenhagen for the COP15 Climate Summit with SuperBadger.

Marching through the streets of Copenhagen with thousands of people from all over the world, representing hundreds of organisations, all calling for climate justice. It couldn’t get more exciting than that, could it? We are hoping and praying for a fair, ambitious and binding deal which will protect the poorest, as our Tearfund placards say. We marched with two members of Tear Netherlands, met a man from Mission East (a Danish Christian NGO), and also two more people from 24/7 Prayer. We prayed this morning that God would cause us to bump into the right people at the right time, and it certainly happened!

The march today was my second one in a week, as I took part in The Wave last Saturday in London. There were many more bicycles today in Copenhagen, and some very inventive and creative costumes and placards.

We have all enjoyed Danish pastries and the driverless metro trains. The Danish people we have met have been very friendly, hospitable and welcoming.

It is so exciting to be here, where there is the potential for history to be made, if world leaders manage to seal a strong and fair deal.

That’s all for now folks. Keep praying!


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