All is not what it seems

Question 1: When is an alien not an alien?  

'Take me to your climate leader'

Answer: When it’s an Avaaz campaigner pulling a stunt to try and find leadership on climate change at the UN talks in Copenhagen.

Question 2: When is a good deal on emissions cuts not a good deal?

Answer: When it’s full of loopholes.

Superbadger spent some time with Tearfund’s policy team this morning learning about the complexity of what’s under discussion in the vast conference centre in Copenhagen.  It turns out that you need to construct agreements very carefully indeed in order to make sure that cheeky countries don’t promise emission reductions which turn out to be a load of hot air as they escape out the back door.

Making sure that what is agreed here doesn’t have any technical loopholes is tricky but it’s something which must be done if the outcomes of Copenhagen are to be deemed successful. Superbadger will be ‘pawing’ over the press releases coming out next Friday very carefully to make sure that things that might sound good actually are good. And if the outcomes aren’t good for poor and vulnerable communities, first and worst affected by the ravages of climate change, then they won’t be good at all. Superbadger is making a stand, he won’t be spun a line by anyone!


One response to “All is not what it seems

  1. Keep up the good work SuperBadger! We need you and your furry activism in Copenhagen.

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