Superbadger’s First 24 hours in Copenhagen

After months of badgering, praying and ‘Waving’  the UN Climate talks are well and truly underway! Superbadger has dutifully queued for a couple of hours to receive a pass for the conference and, camera in hand, has done a quick tour of the conference to see what there is to see…

First up is a wall of screens on the way to the main meeting rooms called ‘The UN Climate Wall’. Here the UN are promising to post messages from people around the world. Mmmm… they aren’t saying much so far…

What would your message to world leaders be?

Just along the corridor is a hive of activity. There are people and laptops everywhere.  And every half an hour or so, noise erupts from groups of campaigners attracting the attention of the media and the negotiators. People are employing all sorts of tactics from dances to aliens to try and make sure the voices of the poorest and most vulnerable are heard and heeded here.

Yes, that is an enormous tree growing inside the building!

 In fact, it’s so noisy here that this delegate has had to resort to putting his laptop on his head to be heard as he skypes.

It's important to be heard (one way or another)

Superbadger hopes that all this activity is going to make sure we get a FAB (fair, ambitious and binding deal) at Copenhagen.  But simply showing up isn’t enough. We need leaders and decision makers here who have the mandate to agree the deal, not just vent hot air.

Peace : )



2 responses to “Superbadger’s First 24 hours in Copenhagen

  1. Glad you made it to Copenhagen safely Badger. Can’t wait to hear all about your advocacy adventures in the next few weeks!

  2. Its interesting to hear what you’re up to out there. Its a really important and historical event and its great to hear that the needs of so many are being represented. I hope your efforts are being heard!

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