50,000 people join The Wave

It was a fantastic day at The Wave yesterday! SuperBadger had a great time meeting new people and marching the route of The Wave with 50,000 other campaigners calling for world leaders to seal a climate deal that protects poor people hit hardest by climate change. 

SuperBadger began the day at The Wave church service, welcoming many of the 3,000 strong congregation to Methodist Central Hall. The congregation was treated to an address from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nicholls, led the prayers. It was fantastic to see the building full of people – the church standing calling out for action on climate change.  

Church service at the Methodist Central Hall. Photo: Jay Butcher/Tearfund

 After the service, SuperBadger helped distribute Tearfund’s placards – and they went quickly! Lots of people wanted their photo taken with SuperBadger, and he was more than happy to oblige. 

Tearfund at The Wave. Photo: Jay Butcher/Tearfund

SuperBadger then joined many others from the church service to join the march from Trafalgar Square. It was amazing to see so many people out on the streets of London, calling for the UK government to do everything possible to ensure that a FAB (Fair, Ambitious and Binding) deal is agreed at Copenhagen during the UN climate talks.  

Tearfund Supporters at The Wave. Photo: Jay Butcher/Tearfund

As SuperBadger walked the route of the march, he was so excited to see thousands of other demonstrators encircling the Houses of Parliament. And as Big Ben chimed 3pm, we all raised our hands/paws and ‘waved’ as a symbolic act for climate justice! 

And of course, SuperBadger couldn’t resist dropping in at the Mother’s Union after the march for a cup of tea and cake!  

Tearfund’s Superbadger and friends . Photo: Jay Butcher/Tearfund

There are lots of photos and stories from the day already up on the Tearfund website, so go and check them out – www.tearfund.org/wave. They’re well worth a look! And if you were at the church service or the march today, do get in touch and tell us what you thought – email campaigning@tearfund.org or you could even drop SuperBadger a message on his Twitter page (www.twitter.com/SuperBadger).   

Don’t forget to check back next week for blogs live from the United Nations climate negotiations in Copenhagen!

Until then, Happy Badgering!




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