Badgers Love Bananas. Fact.

Badger Aldi’s banana buyer to to stop the banana war!

In September Asda and Aldi started a price war with savage cuts on the prices of their bananas which is like ‘reading the funeral rites of Caribbean farmers’ according to a spokesman for the banana producing Windward Island farmers.

Aldi is seen as a price-setter for bananas across the EU and this move threatens to move the price war to other parts of the continent.

Email Aldi’s UK banana buyer David Hill to ask him to stop the banana price war and to ensure that the growers and farmers are paid a decent wage for their produce.

Check out Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s spoof Asda advert and learn more about the banana trade at

Go to  send off your e-badger to David Hill and  do your bit for the banana farmers! Which is also quite fun to say…

Badger love xoxoxo


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