SuperBadger now has it’s very own blog, it’s terribly exciting.

SuperBadger is sett for justice and ready to change the world…but he needs your help.

Fight global poverty by making your voice heard!

With SuperBadger you can send prewritten emails straight from your Facebook profile to the people making the decisions – whether it is badgering politicians about climate change or badgering supermarkets to stock more Fairtrade products. The best part is, it works! Since SuperBadger began just a year ago, badgers have sent over 150,000 messages to governments and organisations, and have successffully managed to get companies like Thorntons and Cadury’s to go Fairtrade! It really is possible to make a difference.


We need you to start badgering now!

Go to for more information. Or see the SuperBadger Twitter feed here.


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