Please, Todd Stitzer, can I have some more?

Hi Badgers,

 Have you tried the new Fairtrade Dairy Milk bar yet? Somehow it tastes even better, knowing each bite improves the livelihoods of cocoa farmers, their families and their villages.

But with chocolate, a little is never enough. We’re grateful that Cadbury has committed Dairy Milk and the hot chocolate range to go Fairtrade, but we’re feeling greedy for more. I mean, why stop now? What about Bourneville? Wispa? Crunchie?!

Please badger Cadbury CEO Todd Stitzer to let him know you’ve got a Fairtrade craving and ask when Cadbury plans to certify the rest of their products as Fairtrade?



On the Fairtrade front, we’ve got almost 1,000 badger actions to the BBC so far, asking them to reconsider Mr Alagiah’s forced resignation from the Fairtrade Foundation and allow him to continue acting as Patron. If you haven’t taken this action, it’s not too late.

To help spread the word, please remember to:

  • Donate your status to SuperBadger
  • Allow SuperBadger to publish your Badger actions to your friends. Earn points if friends click ‘badger too!’ and add the app.
  • Be a good friend. Earn 10 points by being friends with Che Guebadger.

 Happy badgering!



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